Recognition and analysis of

Easily track the quality of your calls with our advanced transcription and speech analysis technologies.

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Quality control
100% calls

A convenient dashboard allows you to see the overall call statistics and shows calls that do not meet your quality criteria.

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Chatbot & CRM

Automatic notifications about calls with a critical level of quality and the ability to instantly respond to them.

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Step №1

Automatic download of calls from your server.

After the call is completed, it is automatically loaded by our system. There is also a manual way to download audio recordings.

Step №2

Transcription - translation of audio into text

Our service translates the call into text with high recognition quality and performance – just 5 minutes after receiving the audio file, you can already get all the analytics on it.

Step №3

Keywords - filling the database

Based on your requirements, we compile a list of recognizable phrases and highlight them in a convenient interface:

Step №4

Positive and Negative phrases for tracking

Easily add and track both negative and positive words that are taken into account in the final evaluation of the call and highlighted in the transcribed text:

Step №5

Text analysis - keyword search

Based on your requirements, we compile a list of recognizable phrases and highlight them in a convenient interface:

Step №6

Confidentiality - deletion of the client's personal data

The original audio files are deleted immediately after transcription. Personal data of users should not be available – we recognize any information of this nature:

Step №7

Call quality assessment

We develop formulas for calculating the quality of the conversation and assign an overall rating to the call. We output detailed information on the found criteria:

Step №8

Statistics of calls and agents

A set of all important parameters involved in the evaluation of the call. Development of statistics necessary for your company.

Step №9

Dashboard summary information

Set of all important data for the specified time periods. Individually developed dashboard for your specific needs.

Step №10

Chat-bot & CRM integration

Immediate notifications about critical issues with chat-bots or integration with your CRM system.

Service missions

Our goal is to improve communication between you and your clients.

Interface developed
for your needs
Integration with services of our company
You will know the real situations with your calls.
Saving money on manual labor

Usage examples
Transcription service


Bad words

Learn about conflict conversations
The conversation with the found negative word will be highlighted in the dashboard, and on the transcription detail page, these words will be highlighted.
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Conversation script

How exactly does the operator follow the script?
Each dialogue usually contains basic phrases (greeting, farewell) and additional phrases depending on the subject.
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Raised tone

We detect loud, quiet speech and silence
A conversation in raised tones, with very quiet speech, or with long pauses - will be displayed in the dashboard indicating the timing. Super easy to use!
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